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Chris Ellicott

CMRA Member Layout - Callowland (P4), Watford & District MRC

What is The Chris Ellicott Fund? Mike Peascod explains

Chris Ellicott Stand

We are all getting on, and I, for one, am feeling it as much if not more than others. The ageing process means that you are not able to do what you want to do, or do it as fast as you used to do it. Inevitably, however, there comes a time when you cannot do things, however hard you try. Or maybe you are younger and normally fit but have suffered an accident, injury or illness which significantly limits your mobility. In any of these circumstances if you are a member of a model railway club, this means that you cannot get to the clubroom as often as you would like.

This is where The Chris Ellicott Fund might be able to help.

The fund was set up to provide DVDs for members of clubs belonging to the Chiltern Model Railway Association which can then be loaned to members who cannot get involved in club activities any more, either long-term or only for a few weeks or months, but would like to view films on railway modelling or the prototype, in the comfort of their own home.

The club or society secretary can download a catalogue of available DVDs from the member's area of the CMRA website together with an order form. The initial chosen DVD will be posted to the secretary who will deliver it to the member at home. The DVD is returned using the pre-paid envelope that is supplied with it. Subsequent DVDs can be sent direct to a member, if preferred. All costs are borne by the Fund and the CMRA.

If you belong to any of the national scale/gauge societies that are also members of the CMRA, you are also entitled to use this service through the society’s membership.

The Chris Ellicott Fund is managed by Claire Ellicott and Mike Peascod and it is operated by the Chiltern Model Railway Association on their behalf.

Donations are welcome as are gifts of unwanted DVDs, but they must be originals (not copies). This is essential to stay within Copyright laws – the DVDs are the property of The Chris Ellicott Fund and are loaned out free for personal use only. Please note that videotapes will have to be respectfully declined, as post and packaging costs would be too high.

Donations and unwanted DVDs should be sent to:

The Chris Ellicott Fund
c/o Mike Peascod
104 Durley Avenue

Donation cheques should be made out to The Chris Ellicott Fund.

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