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CMRA Member Layout - Ogden Fold (P4), South Hants MRC

Layout Register

This register gives details of the exhibition layouts available from member organisations and their individual members. The register is designed to aid the exhibition organiser. It is potentially useful in enabling searches to be made for different sorts of layouts.

For security reasons the Layout Register is located in the passworded Member's Area of this website and is therefore only available to CMRA Member Organisations. If you are an Exhibition Manager and require access to the CMRA Layout Register please contact your organisation's CMRA Representative for the login and password.

CMRA Layout Register Amendment Form

If you wish to add a layout to the CMRA Layout Register please complete the form below and then click on the button to send the details to the CMRA Layout Register Compiler. If you wish to update details of a layout already on the Register please use the same form, completing all the details. If you wish for a layout to be deleted from the list please complete your details along with the layout's name. Before deletion checks will be made that the request is bona fide.

Submitters Name:

Postal Address:

Post Town:

Post Code:

Email Address (required):

CMRA Member Organisation:

Action to be taken:

New layout

Amend existing details

Delete layout

Only the data entered below will appear on the CMRA Layout Register

Layout Name:

Scale/Gauge Designation:

eg. 0, S, P4, EM, 00, 009, H0, N

Railway Company and Period:

eg. SR 1930s, BR 1970s

Country Portrayed:

eg. British, German, USA

Size (excluding operating space):

eg. 12ft x 2ft

Layout Shape:

Straight (S)

Circular - Continuous run (C)

L Shape - Outside view (L)

L Shape - Inside view (I)

U Shape - Outside view (U)

Other Shape (O)

Contact Name:

Contact Telephone Number:

Contact Email Address:

Layout Website:

Layout Storage Location:

1st half of postcode eg. RH12, SE1

Layout Ownership:

Club Layout

Private Layout

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